Bagasbas Beach Kitesurfing

Bagasbas Beach is an ideal Kitesurfing destination from total beginner’s to Pro as we have a range of flat water lagoon’s to wave spots.  Our Kiting Season starts from late October when the “Amihan” trade winds kick in which gives us a north-easterly winds usually blowing 15 to 25 knots which results into an onshore to cross onshore wind condition.

Bagasbas Beach Kitesurfing

Bagasbas Beach Kitesurfing

Facing the pacific ocean we tend to get waves around 4ft to 15ft . In lighter wind days the waves are generally quite small and manageable. During Stronger winds Bagasbas beach offers quite a challenge on facing those big waves.

Windiest months are from December to January when winds tend up to get to 30+knots. Average temperature during the season is around 25 to 30 Degrees Celsius. During late April the wind tends to calm down and blows offshore this is when the “habagat ” south-west moonson starts. Bagasbas Beach is also considered as one of the best surfing sites in the Philippines so during those no winds days surfing is a good alternative to get the adrenaline up and going again. Bagasbas Beach is a beach break that breaks left or right. Even  quite a popular destination it rarely gets crowded.

Bagasbas Beach is located at  Daet the capitol of the province Camarines Norte in the bicol region which is approximately 8 hours bus ride from the capital Manila . The nearest airport is in Naga (WNP) which is 2 hours away from daet. so visit us at Bagasbas beach kitesurfing.

Our kite and surf shop is located at the beach front just in front of the lifeguard station.

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